Shakshouka Rotini

A couple days ago I came across a recipe I’d never heard of before but was immediately drawn to: shakshouka, a quintessential dish in North African, Arabic, and Israeli cuisine. Also, I love any excuse to crack an egg over something so I just had to try this recipe myself. It seems like the dish is typically eaten plain or with pita- but I chose to serve over Banza’s gluten-free chickpea rotini.


This recipe will feed two emaciated people and also works well for next day leftovers- very aromatic and will inspire jealously among your coworkers

shaksh inge.png


Prepare the pasta according to package. Cook onion and mushrooms in olive oil over medium heat until translucent, then add diced jalapeño and garlic (cook about 2 minutes). Then add tomato paste, canned tomatoes, and all spices in the right column. Simmer at medium-low for about 10 minutes then add Swiss Chard and simmer 10 more minutes (optional: add a bunch of spinach at this stage for more greens). With a small spoon, carve out four holes in the mixture. Slowly crack the eggs into the pocket and turn heat back up to medium. Simmer for about 5 minutes covered or until eggs are no longer translucent. Serve on top of pasta or preferred carbohydrate!

Approximately 268 calories (half mixture) before pasta.




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