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Peer-Reviewed Articles

1. LaPlant, Kristina, Deryl Mack Seckinger, Keith Lee, James LaPlant. 2021 “Cocked, Locked, and Loaded: A Legislative and Policy Diffusion Analysis of Concealed Carry on College Campuses.” Politics and Policy [Early View]

2. LaPlant, Kristina, Bailey Fairbanks, Toby Bolsen. 2020. “Locked in a Box: How Activist Art Affects Opinions About Solitary Confinement.” New Political Science, 42(3): pp. 289-312

3. LaPlant, Kristina, Keith Lee, James LaPlant. 2020. “Christmas Trees, Presidents, and Mass Shootings: Explaining Gun Purchases in the South and Non-South.” Social Science Quarterly [online first]

4.  Fridkin, Kim, Sarah Gershon, Jillian Courey, and Kristina LaPlant. 2019 “Gender Differences in Emotional Reactions to the First 2016 Presidential Debate.” Political Behavior [online first]

5. Bolsen, Toby, Bailey Fairbanks, Eduardo Aviles, Reagan Griggs, Justin Kingsland, Kristina LaPlant, Matthew Montgomery, Natalie Rogol. 2019. “Merging Undergraduate Teaching, Graduate Training, and Producing Research: Lessons from Three Collaborative Experiments.” Political Science & Politics, 52(1): pp. 117-122.

6. LaPlant, James and Kristina LaPlant. 2012. “‘David is Going to Beat Goliath’: An Analysis of the 2012 T-SPLOST Referendum in Georgia.” Proceedings of the Georgia Political Science Association, 8(1): pp. 1-25.

7.  LaPlant, Kristina and James LaPlant. 2011. “Dixie Rising? Revisiting the Classification of Southern States in the 21st Century.” Proceedings of the Georgia Political Science Association, 7(1): pp. 1-25.

Book Chapters

8. Howard, Robert and Kristina LaPlant. 2017. “Chapter 8: The Executive Branch.” In Politics in Georgia. 3rd edition. Athens: University of Georgia Press.           

Encyclopedia Entry

9. Howard, Robert and Kristina LaPlant. 2017. “The Roberts Court.” In Encyclopedia of American Civil Rights and Liberties. 2nd edition. ABC-CLIO Greenwood.

Working Papers

“No Laughing Matter: The Mediating Role of Gender in Humorous Attack Advertising”

“Affective Competence Strategies: A Typology of Mixed-Gender-Stereotype Content in Political Campaign Advertisements”

“Do the Scales Balance Both Ways? Gender Differences in Judicial Campaign Advertisements” with Bailey Fairbanks.

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