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Summary of Evaluations

I have taught four sections of Introduction to American Government, one section of Voting and Elections, and three sections of Political Research Methods. All Georgia State University students, regardless of major, are required to take Introduction to American Government. I have also taught students from a variety of majors in my upper level courses including journalism, psychology, and sociology. Course enrollment has varied between 16 to 150 students per section. Below, summary statistics of course evaluations are provided in Table 1, followed by a list of select student comments.

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Select Student Comments from Introduction to American Government

“Very engaging despite class size. I was excited to learn in class because the instructor was very funny and applied class to our everyday lives. She went over all the material and had discussions in the class. I enjoyed her class.”

“Really great teacher!!! This course in the past was extremely boring but her examples and uses of current events made absorbing the material much easier to understand”

 “I learned a lot from this course. There were discussions and PowerPoints made to help further understand the concepts.”

“Ms. LaPlant was very engaging with the class and had an awesome personality.”

 “Excellent teacher! Loved going to her classes. Super funny, and always ready to listen. Thank you.”

“Really did help me to view some things a little differently.”

 “Excellent instructor. I really enjoyed her lectures! That you, Professor La Plant!!”

“An excellent instructor! Professor LaPlant’s class has changed my opinion on American Government and Politics because of how she tied the information into every day issues and discussions. I find it very interesting and feel like I have learned so much this semester.”

“VERY sincere instructor with student’s academic success in mind. her teaching style is very interesting and her personality is way too cool and shows through her teaching style. A++++”

“Related very well with students. Very motivated.”

“Love this class very much, it kinda turned into a discussion based class in the middle of the semester but I enjoyed it. It was great and I learned a lot. The professor was hilarious also.”

“lesson plan was fun and teacher very insightful.”

“Her easy way of explaining difficult topic, was very effective for teaching the class. Also, her explanation along with the PowerPoint presentation was very easy to follow.”

 “She is very good at relating to us students. She’s my favorite teacher of this semester”

“Definitely recommending this class to my friends! Thank you for an awesome first class in college!”

“Great class. I definitely learned a lot. I appreciate all the opportunities for extra credit, as well as the review days before tests. Overall, the class had complex concepts but Professor La Plant made them easy.”

“Very impressed by the class! Loved it and learned more about government and politics than ever before!”

“She’s an awesome professor. She always made learning fun in her class.”


Select Student Comments from Voting and Elections

“Instructor Kristina LaPlant did a great job making course very interactive with creative in-class activities and also having a very positive and warm personality!”

“LOVED THIS CLASS! The exams were in depth but were straight forward and LaPlant is the best and was easy to relate to.”

“Amazing class and the teacher was awesome. I actually learned something that I can use in the future. Hands down the best PoliSci class I took for the minor.

“Fun class, it is too bad that American elections are 100% demographics and gerrymandering.”

Select Student Comments from Introduction to Political Research

“I loved your class. Being able to turn a hard and complex task of political research into one where it is both understandable/practical and enjoyable is something to be valued! I also appreciate your superb computer literacy which I find very refreshing. Your slides are very informative and well thought out. Thank you for a great semester!”

“I really enjoyed this class. Professor LaPlant was very helpful. She was willing to go the extra mile to make sure we had the skills needed to complete the course.”

“Really great and effective teaching. She is available to students and willing to help them with any of their needs. 10/10 would recommend. Professor LaPlant is an angel.”

 “Great teacher who explains things very well and made the course rather interesting. She motivated me to learn and look into the material more than any other professor I’ve had this semester. She also related a lot to the students which helps.”

 “I really loved this class. I stressed, but it ended up going great. It got me prepared for my future classes in my major.”

 “Overall, i enjoyed being in this class even though it is a requirement. Professor LaPlant makes learning fun and provides many real world examples as she is explaining phenomenons. I do believe that we should have more time to turn in the final Paper . I believe we should take the final on the last day of class and have that extra week to prepare our papers. Overall, i did learn a lot about my major through this class and it has made me think more about what i wanna do after graduating. She is a very energetic teacher especially for a 9:30am class and i love her personality.”


 “I wish she taught my stats class.”

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