POL 205: Women in Politics

Course Overview and Sample Materials

This course is designed to explore a variety of issues and topics that emerge at the intersection of sex and power. In this course, students analyze the descriptive, symbolic, and substantive effects of women’s participation in politics as citizens, voters, activists, and candidates. Course topics include: an introduction to feminist thought and the women’s suffrage movement in the United States; the role of gender in shaping public attitudes and electoral behavior; obstacles women face as candidates seeking political office; a comparative analysis of women in power around the world; and modern challenges facing the road to gender equality.

  • Course Syllabus
  • Sample Assignment: Reflection Essay
  • Campaign Manager Portfolio Guidelines and Rubric

Weekly Video Lectures

In order to accommodate the need to physical distancing in Fall 2020, this course was offered entirely online. The full playlist of videos is featured below.

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