Digital Portfolio Gallery

This gallery showcases a variety of custom digital designs, videos, and materials I have created  for pedagogical and promotional purposes.

Introduction to American Government Online Lectures

Sample online lectures from Introduction to American Government Spring 2020.

Introduction to Congress Pt. 1

Congress Lecture Pt. 2


Presidency Lecture

Bureaucracy Lecture


Digital Portfolios

Click the links below to view creative visual solutions for teaching online courses. These materials were created in collaboration with faculty and CETL staff.

Digital Portfolio: Teaching American Citizenship [POLS 8997]

Digital Portfolio: Campaigns and Elections in the US [POLS 8980]

Pedagogical Videos

Navigating iCollege

If you are teaching an online course or rely heavily upon your institution’s Learning Management System (LMS) such as D2L Brightspace, Blackboard Learn, or Schoology, you should consider creating a video tutorial to help your students navigate these features. This video demonstrates how to interface with iCollege, D2L’s online learning environment for students.

Properly Report Data Using Tables

This video demonstrates how to turn STATA outputs into professional, user-friendly tables using Microsoft Word.

Introduction to Using STATA 13

This video tutorial is intended for users who are unfamiliar with the STATA interface and command system. This video includes lessons on importing data and using basic commands.

Lecture Infographics

Custom visuals and infographics used in undergraduate course lectures:



Promotional Designs:

Custom newsletters, event flyers, and promotional materials:




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